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Division of Labor

In collaboration, music on 10/2012 at 5:32 am

David Rossen of the band Grizzly Bear on an interview for NPR:

The ultimate goal for us is always to make an album that all four of us love and are excited about, which is one of the biggest challenges of all. We’re not even thinking about the world or how it’s going to be received or if the fans are going to like it. If the four of us can agree on it, then, mission accomplished.

We didn’t even think it was going to turn into anything, but Chris kept chipping away at it and adding bits here and there. It took like six months for it to become something real, but by the end, it was the kind of song no one of us could ever have conceived on our own. I would never have sung over a track like that on my own. It was just really thrilling in that way where it almost felt like listening to somebody else’s music rather than making your own record, which is kind of the best thing about having a band that’s so democratic. That’s the greatest goal, maybe.