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Sleeping Beauty, remixed

In literature, performance, pop culture on 09/2012 at 4:58 am

A blogger claims Lady Gaga’s performance at Guggeheim “copied” Polataiko’s “Sleeping Beauty” art piece.  In an interview, Poltaiko said that Gaga’s piece is “as far from my concept as it can possibly be,”  and that:

when pop culture appropriates the work of an artist, there’s nothing left to think about. […] It vulgarizes the beauty and the gentle complexity of art. It dumbs it down.

There was no mention of the Grimm Brothers’  Sleeping Beauty.


Passover, the original remix?

In literature, religion on 04/2012 at 4:50 am

From Jvoices (via @owasow):

One of the great classical Jewish teachers, Rabbi Gamliel, taught that it is our duty to rewrite the Haggadah: “All who go beyond telling about the departure from Egypt– all these are worthy of praise.” Today let us make our own Haggadah. Though we have retained the basic order, the content is adapted for us. Today in that spirit and to begin this journey, let us join in singing “Woke Up This Morning”